Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Instapundit readers don't like my sense of humor

It was recently announced that Donald Trump, who has been kicked off most social-media sites, will be returning with his own social-media service.  People in the comments section humorously speculated as to the name of the new service.  I contributed this:

Welcome to FinePeople! We're a new microblogging site where the speech is always free, and those evil-twat Cancel Karens are nowhere to be found! You can write up to 666 characters per post, and in our local lingo, each post is called a "pussygrab." When someone likes what you've pussygrabbed and reposts it, that, friends, is a "covfefe." Our site's features also include like/dislike buttons, and when your like/dislike ratio reaches 10:1, you get a virtual Certificate of Yugeness, and you're automatically inducted into the Sacred Order of Orangemen as a reward for a well-ratioed pussygrab! Terminology on our site has been deliberately calibrated to infuriate Certain People, so look past the political incorrectness, relax those puckered sphincters, and have at it!

So far, I've got 2 "likes" and 3 "dislikes."  As I wrote in an appended comment:  some people have a sense of humor; others have a stick up their ass.  I was never a Trump worshiper, so my sense of the satirical doesn't have me walking on eggshells around the man.  If anything, I saw the above paragraph as taking hold of the language used against Trump and taking ownership of it—weaponizing it, as they say these days.  But some people aren't very deep, and since they're busy fellating Trump, all they see is a slew of sacrilegious insults against their god.

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John Mac said...

Politics has consumed all humor it seems. I thought your comment was funny, but as I read it I could see it would make some heads explode. Of course, I doubt many on the left read Instapundit but had you posted a similar comment on one of their forums, it would have been taken seriously and likely created a woke mob.

Be careful out there! You don't want to wind up canceled now, do you?