Wednesday, March 17, 2021

let's talk secession

What if you've come to the point where you know that rational dialogue is no longer possible, and that if the current state of affairs persists, things are only going to spiral down to hell?  War is one option, but another option—one that's more peaceful—is separation.

This may be where the not-so-United States is heading:  toward some kind of breakup.  There are plenty of states—it's not just Texas—that routinely bring up secession.  And it's not just states:  certain counties, too, have secessionist impulses.

Watch the following video for a fairly comprehensive summary of what certain regions are thinking these days.  Is the US headed for an internal fracturing?  If yes, would that be a bad thing, or would it be the best alternative to fighting another civil war?

For what it's worth, I think it might be healthy for northern California to break away from southern California.  As for the rest of the Pacific Northwest... I heard from some liberal acquaintances, when I was out that way in 2008, that Oregon registers as a blue state only because of Portland:  the rest of Oregon is red, red, red.*


*I really think the colors should be reversed:  red for communism/socialism and China sympathizers, and blue for true-blue American culture:  God, guns, Mom, apple pie, and freedom to live according to one's conscience, not according to government diktats.

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John Mac said...

If there is to be a civil war, it will be started by the left when they once again lose power. If the left's efforts to legitimize voter fraud in H.R. 1 succeed so they don't lose power, then succession seems to be the next best option.

A divided USA plays right into the hands of global menace like China. More and more I fear the sun is setting on the great American experiment in freedom and democracy.