Saturday, March 27, 2021

mini-quiche, up close and personal

You didn't get to see a cross-section of the quiche I had served for Friday's lunch, so here are some shots of one of the quiches I baked Friday night.

First, an overhead shot:

Next—a more food-porny shot:

A glimpse of the underside to show that, when I bake the quiche my way (i.e., no blind-baking and no temp adjustments) instead of listening to instructions from a video, the crust comes out just fine, thanks very much:

And at long last:  the cross-section:

My coworker's trained chef of a wife made a quiche a few months back; I'm surprised I didn't blog about it (or did I? I'm still looking for the post).  Her quiche was picture-perfect in spite of the onions.  My coworker said, yesterday, that he liked the crust on my quiche better than the crust on his wife's quiche, but I think the Missus did a better job with her quiche's internal texture (partly because she didn't overstuff her quiche with a ton of filling).

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Charles said...

I gotta be honest... blind baking is just too much of a pain in the ass for results that, in my experience, are only marginally better at best. I understand the reasoning behind it, but whatever you've achieved with the blind bake is going to end up being a little soggy anyway for being in contact with the filling. I never blind bake pie crusts and I do just fine.

I mean, you know me; if I believe a technique will make a marked difference in the end product, I'll do it no matter how much of a pain it might be. Blind baking is not one of those techniques.

Kory said...

From Kory in Idaho who you were considering staying at my place near the Idaho/Oregon border on your walk before it ended. Is this worthy of an ululation?

Kevin Kim said...


You're talking about way back in 2008? Yikes, it's been a while. I'm sorry I don't remember making arrangements with you. A lot happened after I got back home, which you may know if you followed the story of my mom's brain cancer on my 2008 walk blog. I'd still like to walk cross the mainland USA at some point before I die, so maybe there's a chance we can meet up.

As for the founder of Nongshim... yeah, that's sad, and quite possibly worthy of ululation.

Kevin Kim said...


I think we've had the blind-baking discussion before, and I remember your having said something like that. I came to a similar conclusion once I started making pie crusts and baking pies, so I don't know why I'd stray from experience to listen to strangers on YouTube. Shame on me.