Saturday, March 13, 2021

two vegan complaints about Burger King's various plant burgers

Vegans are a persnickety bunch, so the idea that they might complain about new, innovative hamburgers being put out by Burger King is no surprise.  Vegans preach, and they complain.  It's in their vegetal nature.  They're impossible to keep happy.

So as I'd written earlier, Burger King has partnered with various plant-burger-making companies all over the world to make a new line of supposedly vegetarian-friendly burgers.  Korean BKs are partnered with the Aussie v2food company.  Vegans, however, recoiled in horror once they discovered two things about how BK is serving its burgers:

1.  The burgers are being served with regular mayonnaise, and mayo contains eggs, so while the faux burgers might qualify as ovo-vegetarian, they aren't vegan.

2.  The burgers are being flame-broiled on the same racks as the regular-meat burgers, which means tiny bits of real meat are quite likely sticking to the veggie patties.

I'm nowhere near sympathetic enough to vegans and the vegan lifestyle to give a rat's ass about either of the above complaints—which are basically the complaints of extremely pampered, extremely privileged people—but if you're a vegan, these are monumental problems.  I've seen that vegans are demanding action via Twitter, and I wish them luck.  I guess the only thing to do is for BK to stock up on vegan mayo and to install separate grills to flame-broil the veggie patties.  How much all of that will cost on a large scale, I have no idea.

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