Wednesday, March 24, 2021

the Boulder shooting and leftist racism

Just click on this Instapundit link and read the whole thing.  It's a sickening example of leftist racism and hypocrisy—in this case regarding the recent mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. The post points out that "Ilhan Omar decries whiteness of Atlanta shooter, then vilifies focus on race of Boulder shooter."  Ilhan Omar is a stinking piece of shit, as far as I'm concerned.  If her constituency had any brains, they'd vote her out, but they apparently like who she is and what she represents.  

The post also discusses how Meena Harris, Kamala Harris's niece, apparently also got on the white-supremacy bandwagon in the aftermath of the shooting—all based on her racist assumption that the shooter was white (to be fair, the dude looks white in his mugshots).  Blaming whites for mass shootings is trendy these days; even comedians like Dave Chappelle buy into the false narrative that most mass shooters are white.  But the above-linked post also displays this narrative-destroying bit of information (click to enlarge):

Hilariously, claims the above image is "mixed" in terms of truthfulness because, as Snopes lamely explains, some of the shootings do not fit all definitions of a "mass shooting."

The left is obsessed with race and racism, so perhaps it's no surprise that the left is as racist as it is.  Anti-white racism is fine, by the way, because "white" isn't a race.  

Not for the left, anyway.

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