Saturday, March 13, 2021

walk: canceled

Looks as if I won't be doing a walk with JW this weekend:  he suddenly says he's got tickets to a soccer game featuring his company's team (POSCO), so he and the family will be out cheering them on.  He proposed doing our walk an hour earlier than we'd scheduled it for, but I texted back that, even if we started an hour early, he'd still end up missing a good chunk of the match.  So JW and I will walk out to Gangcheon Island some other weekend.

I'm at the office right now; I've been here since 2:45 p.m., and since I won't be meeting up with JW tomorrow, I'm probably going to come back here and keep working on our team's current megaproject, i.e., the creation of six textbooks in a two-month time span.  Yikes.


John Mac said...

That's disappointing news. I always enjoy reading about your hikes. I guess getting some work done is a positive, but walking sounds like so much more fun. Good luck!

Kevin Kim said...

For what it's worth, you can relive this particular segment by clicking here for the 2020 walk, and/or clicking here for the 2019 walk. The 2019 walk shows that Gangcheon Island had a sort of sculpture garden at the time; by 2020, though, the sculptures were all gone.