Friday, March 19, 2021

fingers crossed

I'll be hauling in a thoroughly mediocre lunch Friday afternoon.  I had wanted to do a better job, but I really have to practice my Korean cooking if I want to improve, and I simply don't cook Korean food anywhere near as often as I cook Western food.  We'll see what the troops think tomorrow.  The menu:

griddled, glazed, LA galbi (Korean short ribs)
shrimp, egg, spam fried rice
al-tang (fish-roe stew, with the roe still in the egg sacs)
regular white rice (for the stew; I don't expect anyone to dump fried rice into their stew)
oi-muchim (sliced, fresh cucumbers in vinegar-sugar chili sauce with garlic and onions)

Everything tasted tolerable when I sampled it, but only the fried rice wowed me.  (Korean-style rice, Uncle Roger.  Sorry-not-sorry.)  All of the above items are things I've made before, but they were decidedly meh.  As I said, we'll see how it goes.  Fingers and tentacles crossed.

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