Tuesday, March 30, 2021

quiche unleashed!

Here's what the megaquiche looks like without its chaste priest collar (click to enlarge):

I observe with grim satisfaction the buckling on the quiche's side.  This means the quiche's crust tried to collapse but failed:  the quiche cooked too quickly for catastrophic collapse to occur.  Ha!  There was simply too much outward pressure from the quiche's filling and custard to allow the pie crust to slump.  Nice try, Murphy's Law!

On an equally triumphant note:  I checked the bottom of the quiche, and it looks fine!  Not dark brown at all, but roughly the same shade you see there on the quiche's sides (or side, given that it's circular).  Dolphins leap in joy and fire lasers out of their buttholes!  I hope my Korean coworker will enjoy this quiche; the only problem is that he doesn't know the quiche is coming today:  I told only my boss about what I'd be bringing in.

I admit, though, that making this quiche was an arduous process, and not one I'm likely to repeat anytime soon.  I would now like to move on to Chicago deep-dish pizza, a true pizza rustica, cheesecake, and other things you can make in a springform pan.

Expect "slice" pictures later today.

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