Saturday, March 20, 2021

I shouldn't laugh

So Old Uncle Joe fell up the stairs—three times, apparently—while walking up to Air Force One.  I then saw this meme on Instapundit:

Unless we die early, we all get old and frail.  I hesitated to laugh at Hillary Clinton when her knees famously buckled, and she was hauled into an SUV like a limp, heavy sack of grain.  But for some reason—maybe because Joe Biden is where he is thanks to a stolen election and a whole army of powerful leftists who have an interest in ignoring his many foibles, frailties, and fuckups—I think that Biden's antigravitational stumble is kinda funny.  Maybe I'm a hypocrite for thinking that way.  Maybe I should have more sympathy for the old.  I think I do, really—but in Biden's case, well, he made it into the Oval Office, more by crook than by hook, so he deserves all the slings and arrows he gets.  And if he self-owns every step of the way, then so be it.  More comedy fodder for the rest of us.

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