Wednesday, March 31, 2021

attack of the PANDA

My friend Neil recommended this video to me:

Good thoughts that I wish more people could hear.  We live under a pall of fear and falsehood.  The powerful have no intention of relinquishing the power that we unwisely gave them.  In the meantime, the risk of illness for most of us is laughably minuscule.

(PANDA = Pandemics: Data and Analysis; it's an organization that's critical of lockdowns, lies told to the public, social distancing, masking, travel restrictions, and other deeply paranoid measures taken to keep the public cowed and compliant.)

UPDATE:  the video was yanked from YouTube, probably for the usual Big-Tech bullshit reasons, to wit, purveying of misinformation, etc.  Christ.  Fuck fucking YouTube.  I've re-embedded the video, which was, thankfully, uploaded to BitChute (most likely in anticipation of cancelation by YouTube).

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John Mac said...

I've got this one queued up for later. Thanks!