Tuesday, March 30, 2021

the media and Mohammed Anwar

Instapundit links to an article at The American Conservative by Rod Dreher:  "Mohammed Anwar's Mystery Murderers."  The article's basic point is what many of us have been saying for a while:  Narrative über alles.  In other words, when a white person commits a crime, the media—currently in White Supremacy Watch mode—will trumpet the perpetrator's race, but when a non-white person commits a crime, guess what?  Mention of race is nowhere to be found.  In Mohammed Anwar's case, the man was a Pakistani immigrant and Uber Eats driver who had the misfortune of encountering two teenaged girls, both black, who tased the man, stole his car (with Anwar still inside it), and then crashed the car.  Anwar died of injuries sustained during the crash.  CNN tried to fob this off as "an accident," but any right-thinking person can see this was outright murder:  a series of deliberate actions by the girls led directly to Anwar's death.  But does this case get national play?  Apparently not, or at least, not that much.  Dreher writes (slightly edited):

Black teenagers allegedly kill South Asian man in carjacking. It would seem that if we were concerned about crimes against Asians, this would be a story. But as of this writing, there is nothing about it in The New York Times. I googled to see if any of the networks had covered it. NBC News had something three days ago, which did not mention the race of the alleged perpetrators. This is understandable because, at that point, no video existed. Well, now it does. The story has not been updated. The other two networks aren’t carrying it, at least not that I could find. USA Today finally reported the story this afternoon but said nothing about the race of those arrested for the crime.

The New York Post reported on it but did not mention the race of the alleged perpetrators (though it did embed a video). Nothing on NPR, as of this writing.

This isn't a question of the right suddenly being obsessed with race:  this is a matter of holding the left to its own disgusting race-obsessed standards.  And, predictably, the left proves hypocritical once again:  report and exaggerate white crime; downplay all non-white crime.  That's the game, and those are the rules.  This is why I think most "journalism" today needs to be torched with a flamethrower.

As to the larger current issue about "anti-Asian hate," it's worth noting—and once again, the media are doing nothing to put this forth—that most anti-Asian crimes are committed by blacks.  I don't take this to mean that blacks are inherently evil, or even inherently violence-prone, but the stats are the stats, and as a simple matter of reporting the goddamn truth, the stats ought to be part of the discussion so that people know where to focus their words and actions.  Right now, the focus is unjustly on white people.  White supremacy has become a huge bugbear in the mind of the left over the past few years, mainly to satisfy the delusional need to take down Donald Trump, who was such an anti-black and anti-Latino bigot that he reduced black and Latino unemployment rates to record-low levels.  Does white supremacy exist in the States?  Yes, it does.  But is it the pressing national problem that the left says it is?  Not on your life.  It's barely a blip on the national radar.  That's reality.

Anyway, it's not surprising to see such hypocrisy; this is the world we live in.

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