Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Mother Nature forces my hand

It looks as though I'm going to have to get a new phone soon.  Various apps on my phone, all unrelated to each other, are crashing when I try to call them up.  The Gmail app went first, and now a recently downloaded Shinhan Pay app is slamming shut every time I try to open it.  I may be looking at the beginning of some kind of cascade failure; it won't surprise me if a bunch of other often-used apps start crapping out on me.  (Yup:  my Smart Delivery app, 스마트 택배, is now crashing repeatedly.)

I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 way back in 2013, when I had moved to the Daegu area to teach at Daegu Catholic University.  Come this summer, the phone will be eight years old.  In the meantime, the Samsung Galaxy series is now up to the S21, so it's safe to say my phone is old and probably outdated.  The mobile network is now up to the fifth generation (a.k.a. 5G), and the S21 comes with 5G as its standard.  So I think it's finally time for an upgrade.  I had wanted to wait until I had more money in the bank, but Mother Nature, in the form of physics, has declared otherwise.  I expect to have a spanking-new phone by the end of this work week.

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