Monday, March 29, 2021

more memes

Found from all over.  My favorite of the bunch comes first:

Pretty much:

Not that anything will change:

The experts are confused about a lot of things:

My position on masks hasn't changed much since the beginning of the pandemic.  I wear a mask, these days, mainly because I'm required to wear one, not because I'm overly worried about coming down with COVID-19.  I'm persuaded that masks are effective to the extent that they help with the "droplet problem" associated with coughing and sneezing.  Beyond that, masks offer little protection.  The virus can get in through the eyes, and according to an NIH study on surgical masks, all it takes is two hours of mask-wearing for the pathogens to build up on the inside of the mask.  Masks for kids are generally a bad idea, and it sucks when authorities tell families that their kids must be masked up all day long.  Rebreathing your own bacterial funk is not a good thing.  (This BBC article calls that a myth, but the article also contradicts the NIH study, and I trust the NIH study more than I do a leftist news agency with an obvious political agenda.)

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John Mac said...

That's what makes me laugh, if you don't go along with the program, you are a "science denier". Except the science seems to change anytime the "experts" want it to. That more people aren't seeing through this charade is pretty shocking to me.

I wear my mask--under my chin. I raise when I encounter "the authorities" or need to enter a store. Anything qualifies as a mask here--lots of people just tie a bandana around their face. Like that is going to stop a killer virus. Oh well, resistance is futile...