Thursday, July 22, 2004

blogging may be light for a bit

I just finished three days of job training, 10:30AM to 8:30PM. Dead tired. I'm impressed: for all its faults, EC provides the most comprehensive teacher training I've ever encountered. I've met some interesting types, too; my fellow trainees hail from Canada and the US. One Canadian's the happiest sonofabitch I've ever met. Late-40-something dude who's been a taekwondo practitioner for nine years.

EC's teaching methodology is definitely gimmicky; it's little more than a recycled version of 1960s-era Audiolingualism (think: structuralist approach: language as habit-formation, language as component structures fitted within other structures, with little emphasis on meaning and fluid communicative competence, and more emphasis on basics like good pronunciation, repetition, and grammar exercises)... audiolingualism in a lab coat.

I'll be moving into my new place this coming Saturday. Gonna be a hectic weekend. I have to start packing, and I've got to pass off my private classes to my buddy Tom. Sometime next week, I'll get DSL established in my new domicile, and all will be hunky dory. I'm working a block shift for a week (10AM-6:30PM), and then I start Split Shift Hell for three months (6:30-11AM, 6-10PM). Joy.

The upshot is: sporadic blogging at best until next week. Then you get a taste of life in ritzy Kangnam. If you can't wait for my posts, read Andi's, which offers a slice of upper-crust Seoulite existence.


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