Sunday, July 11, 2004

FUCK: the rant board

Blinger has graciously created a BBS for FUCK, Folks Undermining Censorship in Korea. You have to register to use the board, but keep in mind that, since FUCK has no members and no leadership, registration doesn't imply membership. Or leadership. Or registration, for that matter.

Visit the FUCK board here.

a man with no eyelids

UPDATE: Dalma Daesa, who hangs out on my sidebar, has been rigged to lead you to the FUCK board. His caption's been changed accordingly. Go ahead. Click him.

UPDATE 2: It might be difficult to post to the FUCK board, or reply to posts, if you're looking at the board through a proxy. Here's the URL for the board, printed out so you can copy and paste into your browser:


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