Thursday, July 22, 2004

thanks, Andrew!

Andrew Petty's Korea Herald article is out. The link is here: [1]. Thanks once again, Andrew, for taking the time to sit with us, listen to our grievances, and produce an article that lays it all out clearly.

Kevin at Incestuous Amplification professes not to care about the governmental ban here, but I sense some rage in a subsequent post where he riffs on Petty's article, here: [2]. The key phrase, which I quoted [3] on July 9, after an email exchange with Andrew, is this quote from an unidentified MIC official:

"It's different when Koreans see another Korean get killed. It's a different feeling than seeing a foreigner die."

IA Kevin takes this apart in a gratifying way and shows it to be the racism it is.

For people in Korea who want the direct links and not the proxy-altered ones, I'm now providing a new service: listing the links at the bottom of my posts.





If at any time you want to request the "real" links to anything else I've linked to previous to this post, please email me. (I also won't be displaying the permalinks to my own posts unless you request them.)

To those of you who don't know why I'm doing this:

People in Korea can only view my blog through proxies. Most proxies will distort whatever links appear on my blog, which can be a pain if you'd like to explore the site to which a link points. You'll notice I've largely avoided linking to blogs I have to view through proxies (i.e., most of the ones on my blogroll), which is a shame. I assume other Koreabloggers have done the same to me, and I don't blame them; the whole thing's a pain in the ass. So I'm providing this as a service to Koreabloggers who want to copy undistorted permalinks from my blog.


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