Thursday, July 01, 2004

it's official: Sookmyung U. hopes have been CRUSHED

I just got a call from Mrs. Kang, the mother of my buddy Jang-woong and his sister Mrs. Oh (recently a TOEFL student of mine), telling me that, alas, Sookmyung won't be interviewing me after all. Mrs. Kang, who teaches in the English department at Sookmyung, very kindly put in a good word for me, but the committee wanted more competitive candidates, I think: people with a degree in English, not religious studies.

Luckily, I've sent applications to Keimyung University (Taegu) and Youngsan University IEI (Ulsan). I start my gig at Seoul National next week (ULS still hasn't gotten back to me about my schedule, but I'm sure they'll reach me by Sunday night), so at least I'm set for a couple more months.

In the meantime... a couple people have requested logos for their blog.

The broken lightbulb of an idea begins sparking in the Hominid's dim consciousness.

The question is this: do you want a logo badly enough to pay for it? These take me a few hours to do, so I think it's fair to set the price at $10. In my opinion, that's pretty damn cheap for the amount of time I spend.

[NB: I got a logo request from one blogger a while back, to whom I already wrote back with a YES. That blogger won't be charged. The rest of y'all, though...]

If you want a logo and are willing to float the dough, please send me an email.


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