Saturday, July 03, 2004

July 4th's a-comin

American Independence Day is coming up: Sunday is the Fourth of July, a day for us all to rip off our tee shirts and show our tits (please visit the CafePress home page to see a lady whose shirt leaves little to the imagination-- the one on the left, I mean*), throw beads at each other, drink a lot, shout "WE'RE FREE!" and "SHOW US YOUR NIPPLE HAIR!" and "I'M SORRY I FUCKED YOUR WIFE!" and other such utterances affirming our independence.

Ah, freedom. Freedom is everyone's dream. Queen sang it, so it must be true.

Speaking of dreams, I dreamed that I was running lightly and somewhat bouncily over an endless field of breasts. The nipples were all stiff, and they tickled the soles of my feet as I ran over them, fleet as an antelope pursued by a gigantic horned penis through the burning plains of hell.

All of which means, Happy July Fourth, America. Express your freedom, even if the Korean government is trying to censor you for no particularly good reason. If I'm industrious, I might have a July Fourth post for you. Something in pictures.

[*If you don't see her, keep hitting "refresh" to make the pictures rotate. You'll see a gay couple, a taekwondo instructor, two chefs of FoodPorn, and some other folks. But you'll immediately recognize the woman I'm talking about when she appears. In case you don't, look for the ladies of Cookie Mongoloid Shop.]


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