Monday, July 05, 2004

post-blogiversary updates

It's now July 5th here, and I've got three updates:

1. The Marmot's now moved to his own domain at

2. I've updated the RUM CAKE information on my sidebar. Please send an email to my folks at if you're in the mood for a deliiiicious rum cake.

3. I have no word from ULS about whether I'm teaching my one and only class at SNU. At this point I'll assume I'm not, which works fine for me. Maybe they've canceled the class; maybe they've found another teacher. I don't particularly care, because it would be a waste of time for me to be trapped in a two-month gig where I commute 3 hours only to teach a single hour. There are better ways to spend the day. (Note to concerned friends: no need to make waves on my behalf, please. I harbor no ill will toward ULS; this isn't a particularly surprising development. I suspect they scrambled and found another teacher for the gig, and even if they didn't, they're not losing that much money if they're forced to cancel the class.)

UPDATE: The ULS site doesn't show any cancellations. I assume they've found a teacher. Either that, or I'm going to get an irate call at 7AM saying, "You better gitcher ass over there, Kim!" And I won't. Not when I already said no.

UPDATE 2: A look at the schedule for English conversation shows absolutely no updates. They list "KEVIN" as the teacher for English conversation, and they have me down for four classes: 10AM, 11AM, 1PM, and 2PM (this is what I was originally told I would have, with the proviso that they'd have to cancel classes if there weren't enough registrants). Registration is W160,000 per student, or about $140. You do the math: on Friday, I got a text message saying "one class only, at 10AM, with 10 students." That's W1.6 million income for ULS. But they pay me W30,000 per hour, and I'd be teaching 28 days. That's W840,000 for two months' work. If they refund the students, ULS loses its W1.6 mil, but it saves the W840,000, for a net loss of W760,000 over two months, or W380,000 per month. ULS isn't small; this is pocket change for them. They might groan about taking a hit, but they'll recover. And if they've found a teacher, they gain only W380,000 a month after they pay him. More on this as it happens.


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