Thursday, July 01, 2004

Phase 2: petitions

The next phase in the war, which others will carry forward. We've got the story out there, but we have to give it legs. My Instalanche has already petered into nothing. I stare crotchward and see only sadness and flaccidity.

But Phase Two is... THE PETITIONS. Behold:

1. It's almost drafted, but watch Gumbi for some petition action in the next day or so.

2. Go visit About Joel, read this post, then read and sign his petition. (Joel-- when you finally send this off, maybe think about cc'ing this to the Korean papers, various bloggers, and American papers as well. I also cc'ed my letter to the Scotsman, but they make you fill out a form, the way TIME Magazine does.)

I hope some sleuths are checking into whether we can get documented evidence that the MIC is behind this-- i.e., something we can scan and stick on a blog. There has to be accountability, and whatever evidence we find has to be made public. Are any ladies willing to play seductress? I'd do this myself since I have large breasts, but unfortunately, I've also got a schlong, and that combination doesn't work for most guys.

My breasts aside, if we get that evidence, I'd take ronin's suggestion to move a wing of the fight to the Korean Constitutional Court.

horrifying ass crack


But you know... sometimes censorship isn't such a bad thing. If this were Tacitus, I'd be screaming "OPEN THREAD-- DEBATE AMONG YOURSELVES!" about now.

UPDATE: Joel notes that CNN has picked up the story (of the censorship, not of my man-tits). Will this turn into something bigger?


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