Thursday, July 22, 2004


1. Thanks to Simon for his shout-out on Winds of Change. I hope the word spreads and spreads, like bucketfuls of diarrhea shooting out of a man trapped in his hospital bed. (Has Winds been blocked as well? I can't access it, but I got the link off SiteMeter and ran it through Unipeak.)

2. Thanks in advance to Andrew Petty of the Korea Herald, who's planning an article on the MIC/ICEC cyber-ban. Stick it to 'em good, Andrew. Make every word count.

That was a journalism pun. A bad one.

3. Thanks to Anna of Primal Purge for a damn funny post that features a foul-mouthed 8-year-old. I can't link directly to her post because her blog is banned in Korea and I have to view it through a proxy-- which, luckily, magnifies its nastiness. I wish her good luck as she pursues her "Fight Club"-ish dreams.


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