Thursday, July 22, 2004

further thanks as the word continues to spread

Shout-outs to Ed/Gumbi and Brainy Smurf for their attention to the censorship problem.

So, maybe it's finally time to roll out the s-word: is my blog subversive?

I don't think so. From my point of view, I'm correcting something that's unhealthy. I'm not rejecting Korea wholesale, nor am I thumbing my nose at all of Korean culture. It can't be restated enough: I like living here. I'm not trying to ruin the country or overthrow the government. But I do think one branch of the government has its head up its ass, and I think there's a whole group of ignorant, yes-man Korean Netizens out there who'd have made great collaborators during the Japanese occupation. I wouldn't be so strongly against this government if the government weren't so damn focused on being against us.

Besides, how subversive can I be with so small a readership, eh?

UPDATE: Go read Andi's post on censorship activism. Think about blogging on this matter. Spread the word in any way possible. Don't just sit there, please.






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