Friday, July 30, 2004

days without wearing lab coat: 4.8

[NB: My blog isn't visible from my current PC, at a PC-bahng near my residence. Whatever "lift" there's been in the ban has been uneven at best.]

I'm working a full shift on Saturday, so the week's not over by any means, but I wanted to note that I've gone most of the week without wearing a lab coat at all. I'm also getting to know some of my co-workers, foreign and Korean/gyopo. They all seem like decent folks, ranging from wacky extroverts to taciturn introverts. Some of the foreigners are interested in Chinese calligraphy; I'm probably going to bring my seo-yae set to work next week, so I can work on some projects (sorry, Hahna, to be taking so long).

Miss SNU will be at EC on Saturday, but I won't be her teacher; someone else is scheduled to, uh, take her in hand. Not sure how I feel about this, but it's probably for the best. Starting next week, when I plunge into Split Shiftsville, I probably won't even see her.

The greatest news is that, this morning, I had an extremely thorough dump. The colon purged itself about as completely as one could hope. My ass realized true emptiness. And I had no trouble throughout the day, none at all.


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