Sunday, July 25, 2004

I didn't puke

Feeling much better today, thanks. I had a couple sympathetic letters trickle in; muchas Jerry Garcias to you all.

No puke. Since I ate almost nothing yesterday, no shit, either. I chowed down on some al-t'ang (fish egg sac stew-- yum) earlier today with no ill effects, and will probably hit a local bakery for a ein Bisschen Brot zu essen.

I'm thinking about getting rid of some of my possessions, especially one chair in particular, which came from my K'eun Adjoshi and takes up too much floor space. I wish I'd known that my residence would be furnished. That's half the problem: if this weol-lum had nothing in it, I'd probably have a lot more room to spread my crap around.

I'm also thinking about doing the unthinkable and sending some (or all) of my books back home. This is painful for a bibliophile like me, but if my next residence (the "permanent" residence) is anything like this one, then I'm going to need some space. The book-sending won't happen anytime soon; I don't have the money to mail that much crap back yet.

First day of work at EC tomorrow. It's a shame I haven't set up my computer; I was hoping to show you a pic of me in a lab coat. Then again, I might not be wearing a lab coat: I heard they were having trouble finding one in my size. EC did, however, make my ID tag while I was in training. It looks hilarious: my photo on the tag makes me look like I've been drugged.

More news as it happens.


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