Monday, July 05, 2004

the graphic post: assholes and tongues

Saddam's getting prepped for the trial of the decade. But some people just don't get the importance of it.

Down in front, bunghole!

And now: a brief festival of tongues!

I'd like to apply this image to a new blog... not sure which yet, but I'd prefer that it be for a blog by a woman.


My buddy Dr. doCarmo sent me what he said was one of his favorite self-portraits... I thought it needed some touching up.

Steve shows us his inner child

Dr. D is supposed to send me a picture of a constipated beagle trying to take a shit. Here's what Steve writes:

There's this fat, constipated beagle in the yard adjacent to ours. It spends the whole day shuffling around with its tail up, in a semi-squat, trying to dump but never seeming to have much luck.

When that image comes, I'll replace the Demon Steve with the Thwarted Dog.


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