Thursday, July 01, 2004

RE: Bush the AntiChrist

Gotta respond to something.

BH writes ...

But the Air Marshal also sniffs the air and sees that I have it in for Kerry. Yeah, he's right. I don't like Kerry at all. A few points in our exchange:

BigHo: Kerry whores his military record.
AM: It's naive to think that others don't.

At this point I have to hit the pause button and question why it's naive to despise this practice. I never said I was unaware that others don't do this, and this blog is one huge ode to political cynicism, so I reject the charge of naiveté.

I feel this is taken out of context. I was making a point of BH's bashing of Kerry here. Kerry gets frequent bashing, and not Bush.

I'm not convinced that Kerry whores is his military record. My Father in Law, who is a Vietnam Veteran, sends me daily e-mails bashing Kerry. Yet my Father in Law is completely cool with Cheney dodging the draft and Bush going Awol from the National Guard. It's all about Rep v. Dem, and has nothing to do with the Candidate. In any event, the practice that BH calls whoring is quite common among politicians. BH was, in the context of our discussion, using this to differentiate between Kerry and others. From my point of view, this is naive. Or maybe I completely misunderstood him. But I was asking him why he slams Kerry regularly and not Bush. The response I got was the whoring comment.

Anyway, I don't like the practice of dissecting a post line by line out of context. (which I, the hypocrite, do above). I feel like I'm being misunderstood at best and more commonly misrepresented. BH's assertion misses the point I was trying to make with him on AIM.

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