Friday, July 02, 2004


Saddam Hussein is doing his Milosevic impression, and Allah is on the case.

Saddam looks healthier. Thinner. Trimmer. Meaner. I think he's going to be in perfect health when they fit his neck into a noose at some point in late 2005.

Do you suppose the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication will ban the video of the Big Event? Because you can bet that Saddam's final gasps (or screams, or post-gelding falsetto) will be recorded for posterity.

Steven Den Beste thinks there may be trouble for the left because Saddam's trial will prove distracting for journalists. The best moment in Den Beste's essay is this:

My fellow countryman John D. King thinks that Bush is a murderous dictator who usurped power and converted the US into a police state. But we're going to see detailed coverage of a real murderous dictator, who really usurped power, and who really ran a police state. And it's going to be increasingly difficult for even the most hardcore BDS [Bush Derangement Syndrome, a term coined by Charles Krauthammer] sufferers to make those claims about Bush with a straight face. (Well, perhaps I shouldn't go that far.)

True: there's always Chomsky.

For your full complement of Chomskian fallacies, I direct you to this oldie-but-goodie Winds of Change article.


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