Tuesday, July 20, 2004

white boy nails it

Conrad at The Gweilo Diaries explains the rationality of not voting. Here's a choice paragraph:

And what to do when one scans the length of the ballot choices offered, only to conclude -- as do I this year -- "you gotta be shitting me"? Kerry: "ugh". Bush: "pwew", Schumer: "ack", Mosley: "gag". Conservativeliberallibertariangreen: "where'd the clowns come from? Is the circus in town?" I'm supposed to encourage these fuckers by pretending I endorse any of them? Give me a break. Treating these self-promoting climbers with the contempt they deserve is a civic freaking duty.

Yep. And I like the William F. Buckley quote.

My own post on voting is here. I plan to vote this time around... but I won't be voting for either Bush or Kerry, may their assholes know the Pain of the Inserted Plantain.


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