Saturday, July 10, 2004

le ménage

1. I've signed the contract. I am now a wage slave for EC. Your lab-coated Hominid pic is only weeks away from realization: I begin work in about two or three weeks, once paperwork is straightened out and I've got the new visa.

To answer a question asked by a friend: Do I think the work schedule will be tiring? Hell, yes. I hate working split shifts. It's like staying on task for sixteen hours instead of eight. And this job asks you to work two Saturdays a month-- full, 8-hour block shifts. It's not going to be a happy year. And it looks like I'll have to cancel my private classes: there won't be time to teach them. But my pain is your pleasure: come back often and enjoy my misery as Life turns me into its prison bitch.

2. The Maximum Leader recently mulled reconfiguring his sidebar, organizing it according to new categories. This reminded me that I'd been wanting to do the same thing for a while now, and so I've done it. The religion/philo blogs now have their own ghetto, and as the Maximum Leader suggested, the Big Bloggers get their own ghetto as well. Categories are now more explicitly scatological, in case you missed the blog's dominant theme.

3. I am now going to take another big, fat shit and then head off to bed. Enjoy the previous post. I won't be flashing my tackle that often, so I hope you appreciate this candid moment.

UPDATE: What's up with Primal Purge? Did Anna flush herself out of existence? Dammit. I'd email her if I knew her email address.


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