Thursday, July 01, 2004

on a different front

Jeffrey Hodges offers the following link to a very interesting article I think will be worth your while, titled "Hating America."

My 9-year-old student tonight-- the one who wants so badly to go to America-- told me he hates Bush. I asked him why. "Everyone hates him," he said. We both had a grin at that one. On a possibly-related note, the Marmot points to a survey* of 20-something Koreans in which almost 60% (!!!!) of the respondents view America as the "main enemy."

Pull the troops out. We simply aren't wanted here.

[*linked through the Unipeak proxy, I'm afraid; the Marmot can be found at this will look like a Unipeak link through a Unipeak window, but it'll look like a normal link through a normal window.]

UPDATE: Owen Rathbone says what I feel here.


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