Friday, July 02, 2004

morning calm

I'm about to leave this PC-bahng because I need to go home and take a massive shit, but I wanted to note that I couldn't sleep last night and found myself wandering Korea University's very pretty (if construction-laden) campus around 5:30AM on this (Thursday) morning. If you start by facing the campus jeong-mun (main gate), then enter the campus and take the roads leading rightward and uphill past the new POSCO Building and the library, you get a nice view of much of the campus and a decent uphill walk. At 5:30AM, there are a lot of adjummas and adjoshis out, walking and stretching, hiking the hills by the campus, counting out loud as they do reps, or shouting the obnoxious "Yaaaaaaaaahooooooooo!!" ("ho," not "hoo") that seems to be a Korean trademark.

Campus was calm at 5:30AM. Morning calm. The wind was blowing strongly; the afternoon rain was still hours away. The sky was lightening but cloudy; massive, tattered, dark blue tarps were billowing on the scaffolding of buildings that'll be finished in time for next year's university centennial celebration. A couple joggers were out. I realized that I missed hiking. I missed simply walking around for hours, a thing I used to do in Switzerland without ever getting bored.

My walk took me uphill a few minutes, then I turned around when the road leveled off and started back down. Back into the world.

And now... I'm off to take that much-needed shit. Night, folks.


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