Saturday, July 03, 2004

more bad news

My ULS boss sent me a text message on Friday about my schedule for the coming month:

Only one class, at 10AM. How's that?

I texted back:

I have to travel an hour-and-a-half from my house to SNU. With only one class, that might not be so good.

It's now almost 8AM on Saturday morning. I assume she'll be calling me back.

I'm looking at a want ad right now for a job in Seoul that pays W2.2 million a month (a bit less than $2000) and wants its workers to "start immediately." W2.2 mil, plus they take care of housing (I assume we pay utilities; that's how it usually goes).

The job involves speaking with students one-on-one for 25 minutes. It's a split shift, dammit, but at this point we can't get too picky. As I review my massive and ever-looming debt situation, I'm thinking more and more that a fundamental change in plans is in order. It may be necessary to put aside educational aspirations and simply concentrate on debt relief for a couple years, get it down to where it's manageable, then pick up again. That would be a load off my shoulders in some ways; I take seriously the Air Marshal's contention that, if you want to go for a doctorate, you have to be quite serious about it-- no fucking around. I'm currently having some doubts about the doctorate, which likely means that now isn't the best time.


I'm going to try for this job.


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