Thursday, March 24, 2005

Allah be praised!

Sookmyung Women's University has expressed an interest in interviewing me for an April position (I'm imagining some blonde, leather-clad dominatrix screaming "Assume zee April position!" with a heavy German accent).

An interview! Now I don't have to spend my days feeling like a worthless shit!


Of course... they're interviewing other people, too, but we'll keep hope alive here at the Hairy Chasms for as long as we can.

Housing: smallish at 6-7 p'yeong, but still larger than EC's shoebox.

Pay: hovering around the 2-mil mark. Modest.

Hours: varying, but only 15-18 hours/week. I've offered to teach an "English through drama" class. Might have to write up a curriculum sometime this weekend-- something to offer the bigwigs during the interview. Staging a play at a university would be fantastic. I love theater. Of course, I don't know much about the technical aspects of lighting and so on; I'm fond of dramatic minimalism, in which the actor/s basically create/s the entire imaginary universe for the audience. Maybe I could learn about stage lighting on the fly.

Vacation: two months out of the year, plus holidays. Oooooh, yes. I'm plucking my nipple hairs in excitement. It'd be nice to get back home now & again, even if only for a month out of the year (would probably spend the other month teaching, to be honest). Too bad the vacation's in June, though: I'd prefer August, which is a miserable month to be teaching. All the same: TWO MONTHS!!

Wish me luck. I interview next week.


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