Monday, March 14, 2005

le parcours

The Marmot's got a good post featuring some of Condi Rice's remarks on the Koreas. In another post, the Marmot discusses a case of abuse in Canada, and links to Gord's excellent comments on the issue.

If there were a cage match featuring Martha Stewart and Julia Child, who would win?

Andi showcases her famous cousin.

If you type "derrida quote anus mouth vomit" into Google, as someone recently did, yours truly is the number one search result.

Expat bloggers from all over the politcal spectrum seem to agree that it's perfectly consistent to claim that that the status of Tokdo is "in dispute," based on the simple fact that the Japanese are claiming one thing while Koreans claim another. I'd have to agree. Check out Brian, the Marmot, and the Yangban for more on this.

Jeff has some fantastic pictures of a snowy Pusan. We missed all the snow up here in Seoul. Overall, it's been a wussy winter.

Should women serve in the military? Why, of course! It's their patriotic duty!

Captain Kirk links to a fascinating animated map of Korean history.

Oranckay posts on the US's being a Third World country. In the sense Oranckay intends, I'd have to agree. I'm still something of an 80s guy, though, and I think of our backwardness mainly in terms of our suck-ass train system when compared to the network they have in Western Europe (with the possible exception of the perennially tardy trains in Italy, which I found a nightmare after spending so much time living in Switzerland). Peter has another good link about a mini-Koreagate.

The Infidel's wife's panties finally get some justice.

Kathreb isn't happy about John Bolton's nomination to the post of US ambassador to the UN. Read why-- here and here.

Conservative Tacitus has a good bit of commentary about the resistance to Bolton here.

The Lost Nomad posts about the glaring disparity between the treatment of US and Korean prisoners in Korean jails.

Rory on relationship issues and hangovers.

What kind of lesbian is Justin Yoshida? Also, get a load of the first installment of Osaka Stories.

Check out the Annika poster. You, too, will want an Annika in your bedroom.

As people on both sides of the aisle have debated the plausibility of a Hillary run for president in 2008, the tentative trend in conservative opinion seems to be that, yes, Hillary might just win the office if she runs. Several reasons for this belief have emerged, the most prominent of which have to do with her ongoing project to position herself well for the run. Very early on, Keith Burgess-Jackson made the claim that HRC was turning more conservative, and he thinks this is a good thing, encouraging people to be open-minded and not cynical (pardon me if I'm cynical... I still doubt Hillary would win). Now, Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities also takes up the flag and claims that a Hillary win "could easily happen." In his case, it's because he thinks Hillary is going to out-Condi Condi herself. Check out his post here.

Lorianne enjoys a Houston spring.

Dr. Vallicella has just about had it with Blogger. See here and here.

Lee normally does religion (cruise his blog for plenty of material on just war theory), but he's also on about Bolton. See here.

Bill is pissed at Andy Rooney.

Corax has more on euthanasia and compassion here. I respectfully disagree with him, but he makes a good argument.

Over at, geeks are freaking out about the new "Star Wars, Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith" preview trailer. I haven't seen the trailer yet, so I have nothing to say.


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