Tuesday, March 22, 2005

approaching a milestone

Sometime very soon, this blog will have had 100,000 visitors. Viewed cosmically, this isn't very significant. Other, younger blogs have done better, garnering visitors at an amazing rate through any combination of factors-- good writing, interesting topics, unique appeal, etc. But 100,000 is my milestone, and that's pretty cool.

If SiteMeter is to be trusted, I'm getting an average of about 270 unique visits per day. Of that number, most are random hits-- Google searches for "hairy nipples" or whatever, or occasional hits from people doing research on John Hick, S. Mark Heim, Buddhism, and religious pluralism. I'd guess that my regular daily visitors number only a couple dozen-- a small classroomful.

[NB: Go to the bottom of my blog's sidebar and click the SiteMeter link for my stats.]

Huge Koreabloggers such as the Marmot have already garnered several hundred thousand visitors and are looking toward that other milestone: a million. Here at the Hairy Chasms, though, we're crawling along placidly, obliviously, like an overloaded Winnebago in the left lane. So 100,000 is our goal, and it's just over the other side of this hill. Any suggestions on how to celebrate? Something you want me to photoblog? Name it (email me or hit the comments link), and I'll stick your suggestions up here for discussion.

Damn... if I had a dollar for every visitor...


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