Thursday, March 31, 2005


Still happy about being hired by Smoo, I celebrated alone tonight, thereby pissing off my Korean buddy, who wasn't going to be in the office until 2AM (his usual routine these days) and had wanted to mark the occasion. Sorry 'bout that, man.

I walked to the top of Namsan, getting there around 7:15, then went down to the parking lot where there's a Chinese restaurant and had myself a large, W10,000 helping of t'ang-su-yook. Damn, I felt guilty afterward. T'ang-su-yook is breaded bits of meat (pork? I can never tell) in sweet sauce, a lot like the sweet-and-sour pork, chicken, and shrimp you can find in American-style Chinese menus. In other words, it's fattening. And I scarfed down a huge plateful. With a can of Pepsi.

The good news is this: you know you're making progress with your health when guilt appears. It's also a mark of progress to discover that Pepsi tastes too sweet for you after a daily diet of watery blue PowerAde.

When I got down to Beot'igogae Station, a small classical music concert was finishing up; I was sorry to have missed it. The audience was mostly older folks, but the concert itself put me in mind of any number of performances given by my little brother Sean, the cellist. I miss my brothers.

A lady there told me that this group would be giving more performances (I didn't hear how many), starting at 7:30PM. I plan to go tomorrow evening, listen to the music, then do my hike.

Meanwhile, I'm happy, my stomach's full, and I'm heading home to plan a curriculum or three.


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