Thursday, March 31, 2005

good God, I... I think I love you

It's a bright, beautiful day. I went to Namdaemun Market to look for cheap contact lens fluid and real armpit deodorant, not that nancy-boy Nivea shit. Found both.

Then my phone buzzed. It was Smoo.

Smoo said yes.

I am now a Smoo teacher. My job starts April 25. My first month (!!!!!) of vacation will be in June. What a way to begin the school year, eh? Teach five weeks, then go on paid vacation!

It's hard to sit still at the keyboard right now. I want to dance. A little voice of caution is saying, "Well, boy, this is yours to fuck up," but I'm not listening to it. Maybe I will in a day or so. Right now, this moment, I want to kiss someone. Long, languorous kisses, lots of tongue. Strong, clutching, hungry embrace. Hard to breathe, but loving the suffocation. Bending down, grabbing ass, lifting up, pressing her against a wall and staying in that liplock for minutes. Oooooh, yes. That's how I feel right now.

And so, after that Smoo-call, the day became brighter and more beautiful. It's the best news I've had after the obsidian shittiness of the past couple weeks.

Immediately following my interview at the Bundang medical campus yesterday, I knew I didn't want to teach there. They were offering less pay for more work, plus I'd have to do Saturdays. No fuckin' way. So they get the ol' heave-ho email today.

I'm going to have to celebrate by walking up Namsan again. Gotta do it while the sun's out; I'm not wearing much protection. Maybe I'll try the stairs today-- a real workout. I'm curious to see how many times I'll have to stop (right now, taking the easy path, I don't stop at all for 45 minutes). It's about time I graduated from the bunny slope to the real deal, yes? I've been at this for well over a week now, and weight loss has plateaued. Gotta kick it up a notch, as Emeril would suggest.

When we come back-- another notch!

So, dear reader, right now I'm ecstatic. I've landed a job that pays slightly less than EC, but allows for overtime work, gives you few enough hours to actually have a personal life, and I'll be at one of the most prestigious campuses in South Korea. Plus, as I noted, it's my mother's school. I have to call her.

It's gonna be great. I can help design a curriculum, including teaching drama. They said they wanted to see a curriculum proposal! Jesus-- what hagwon talks like that? It's something I've been wanting to do in Korea for years. Wow. And now I'll have the chance.

OK, gotta go. Got a mountain to climb and a curriculum to propose. It's great to feel so pumped up. A nice change.

Now if I can only figure out how to solve my April finances...


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