Tuesday, March 22, 2005

revel in my absence

Off to Osaka on Wednesday morning. Waking up at 5AM and heading out on a limousine bus from the downtown Lotte Hotel. That's usually my favorite part of the visa run: those wonderful, W12,000 limousine buses. I always feel so pampered.

I'll be gone the whole day, so behave yourselves while I'm away. There's spaghetti sauce in the fridge, and vegetables you can cut up to make a decent salad. I've also got some Lipton tea, and your choice of sugar or Splenda. Dessert? Well, you'll have to find that on your own, asshole.

What's news, what's news...

Only the mundane. Picked up my pants from the dry cleaner's on Monday. There are two pairs of pants I cherish, and which needed major repairs of the cuffs and the crotch. Yes, crotch holes are serious business. Although crotch holes provide decent ventilation for the nether regions, you don't exactly want your ball sac hanging out in full view of the ladies, yes? I didn't think so. Now my pants are as good as new, so I have no fear of throwing high side kicks and getting laughed at by little kids.

Ah, yes: did Namsan again today, starting the walk at around 4PM. Sat down at the same bench as last time, pulled out my cell phone, and called EC to confirm arrival of my pay on the 25th. They said it'd be either the 24th or the 25th. I'm still curious to see whether I get W600,000 or, as I suspect, much less.

Also, while seated on that bench, I had a good talk with a Korean buddy of mine about life, the universe, and everything before I lost the damn signal. We'll be seeing "Hostage" on Saturday.

My friend reminded me that it's Holy Week this week, which means I need to crank out some religious posts for the blog. I'm thinking of writing a general one about the Church and money, another one about why I don't really like Korean Christianity, and a more interreligiously themed post for Easter Sunday, on which day I'll be at Hwagye-sa with a friend, doing ch'am-seon and then listening to a dharma talk. Nothing like celebrating the biggest day of the Christian liturgical calendar with a little Buddhist-style seated meditation, eh?

On my way back from Namsan, I became the center of unwanted attention when an old salesman, who'd been pitching sets of pens for W1,000 per four-pack, came right up to me and changed his pitch to English, pitching directly to me. I really didn't need that, but hey-- there are worse things than being in the spotlight.

Just to keep you entertained, here's my post from last Easter.

Hasta mas tarde, pendejos.


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