Sunday, March 20, 2005

a mother's love

An email I got from Mom today, just out of the blue-- the first time she's written me in months.

My dearest son Kevin,

We were cleaning downstairs today and I found some pictures and mementos like Lego sets, and your writings in elementary school which make [another childhood friend's] writing look shameful! And an orange dog with a button nose who looks happy and needs some hug!

I must be getting old. Lately I am very lonely for you guys, I miss my children. You are so far away and we have Sean so near and yet it seems a million miles away! David checks up on us often. I think he is doing fine and keeps himself busy.

Dad and David tell me how you are doing. I do hope and pray that you find what you are looking for in Korea. Are you still writing the children's book? You promised me a book that I will love and be proud of.

Kevin, how about writing very nice and meaningful and funny stories for children in English? You know Korean educators and parents love those kinds of books. If they love it so much they might even use it as an English textbook.

You have talent, humor, imagination, and intelligence and decency. You understand children's mind and how they work too. You are wonderful with the kids and they love you. Maybe write a book for mothers how they should interact with their children. I wish I had that kind of chance in my younger days. I would have been a better mother for you guys.

Dad is sleeping in Sean's room to make sure that I write to you, I think????

Kevin please take care of yourself. Don't catch cold and get sick. Study hard every minute you can spare. Old Korean saying: cheol meo seo gosaeng eun sa seo do han da. Work hard when you are young so you can enjoy life when you are old. To gain life experience you willingly ask for the hardship (go through) when you are young.

Let me know if you need shoe or etc......

Good night

I love you very much!



I'm not a decent guy, but thanks, Mom. I love you and miss you, too. More than you know.


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