Wednesday, March 09, 2005

just out of reach

I went apartment hunting today in the neighborhood close to Bonghwasan Station and found some beauties. If you're willing to give up 5 million won as key money and pay around W550,000/month rent (not including utilities, I assume), you can live in some damn nice digs. What I saw was a large, spacious, split-level apartment with a huge, panoramic window, kitchenette, toilet/shower (a real shower stall, too, behind a glass door and everything), decent closet space, and plenty of bookshelf/desk space. The ceilings at all three places were so high that I could set up a trampoline in there. Marvelous. Of course, the real estate agent said I'd have to move fast, because these apartments were going like hotcakes. Yeah, yeah, I know; but I have to actually have the money to give the guy first.

Yep... I'm leaning toward CDI's R&D section. To be frank, I don't think I've done so hot on the teacher training. R&D probably is more my speed. More on this as it happens.


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