Tuesday, March 01, 2005

scattered remarks

Today is March 1st, a national holiday in Korea. Everyone's kicking back. Maybe I should see a flick, but I suspect it's gonna be crowded as hell. "Million Dollar Baby" and "Ray" are both playing here now, I think, so I'll try and catch them this week.

I've said yes to CDI. I am a whore. But on the bright side, this might mean that I get 5 million won as key money, which would be enough to move me back down to the Nakseongdae area again. I'd grown to like the neighborhood. I'm going to see if I can negotiate having free weekends, but I expect to lose out. On the plus side: if I get to have a weekday off, it'll be a great opportunity to see movies, climb mountains, and do other things that would normally involve hellish crowds, even if it's only for a day. Perhaps another trip to Pusan might even be possible.

The Oscars are a massive Jewish conspiracy to keep Italian filmmakers from winning big. Ask Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Let me join Dr. Vallicella in welcoming Dr. Horace J. Hodges into the blogosphere. Dr. Hodges's blog, Gypsy Scholar, is here.

I leave leg hairs everywhere I go. Floor cleaning is a daily thing. It's amazing. On carpeted American floors, you'd never notice this fact, but on Korean floors, it's pretty obvious. Leg hairs. Hairy, hairy, hairy hairs.

All this hair talk is making me hungry. I'm off to find some dinner.


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