Tuesday, March 08, 2005

pay me, dammit

What do you do when you ask a person for the money they owe, but they claim to have sent it already?

Why, check the bank records, of course. This is Korea; funds transfers between friends and acquaintances occur all the time. I'll be checking later today, but I'm not hopeful. When I did a t'ong-jang jeong-ni (bank book update) the other day, I didn't see the requested W150,000 anywhere in my account. Then again, the ATM fucked up the printout, so it's possible I missed the transaction somewhere in the blur of ink.

This, by the way, is from that lady who asked for the proofreading the same weekend I was moving. If it turns out she never sent the money, I guess I won't be working with her again.

And why the hell am I up at this ungodly morning hour? My head hurts, my throat is dry, and I had to go out to buy water, is why. Back home and back to bed. Then off to the bank later this morning. Grrrr.


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