Sunday, March 13, 2005

my options at this point

If, this coming week, I should get some decent results from places I've applied to, then we've got no real problem.

If not... can of worms.

My exit order says I'm here only until the 24th. Not a big deal: I can

(1) go to Japan and get a tourist visa, then continue the job search while housed with some friendly party (either my #3 Adjumma or one of my American buddies). I could do this for a few months until it's university hiring time again. Or:

(2) I could go back to the States and earn money there, then come back to Korea when it's university hiring time.

If you're in the States and know of a place that'd pay a temp worker at least $2000 a month (NET, not gross) for three months' good work, I'd be much obliged.

EC is giving me my remaining pay on the 25th. I'd like to be in country for that. Guess I'll be stopping by Immigration again this week to get an extension.

Maybe I should try working on one of those fishing boats way up north.

Hey... how much do lumberjacks make?


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