Saturday, March 05, 2005

more EC pics!

My co-worker Rbt was kind enough to send some photos of people and things I missed.

First, a picture of one of my favorite spots on the 12th floor:

the power of Christ compels you

Many moments of intestinal bliss were had upon this, the greatest of all thrones.

Next up: the long, long hallway of doom:

green mile

Rbt caught me while teaching:

...and this, my dear, is a nipple clamp.  Can you-- WHAT?  WHO'S THAT!?

I'm pretty sure I wasn't blogging when Rbt took this pic, but one can never be too sure when it comes to addictions:

fool at terminal

This is Matthew, who is Canadian and bilingual in French and English:

le grand Matthieu

Here, once again, the lovely Nicole blows me a farewell kiss:

good riddance, Kevin!

The nasty, uncomfortable chair upon which I s(h)at:

can you see the brown fart stains?

The only record we have of me in my lab coat:

bigger than the Piltdown Man controversy!

Rbt exhibits his (suspiciously clean) wormholes:


In this next pic, we see Robert, another Canuck. Robert has a remarkably effective teaching style:

this will show you how to curl your tongue when making the R sound

I'm already missing my co-workers.


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