Thursday, March 03, 2005

the week of indolence before hell begins

Having gotten a haircut yesterday, I visited EC today and dropped off a small mirror I'd accidentally taken from the office. We were supposed to use mirrors to help our students see their own mouth positions. I never made good use of mine, having stuck it on my mini-bookshelf (brought from home) instead. When I was packing up, I packed the mirror by accident.

I made a different mistake as well: "Million Dollar Baby" isn't here quite yet, but should be here around the 10th or so. Tonight, I'm seeing the movie "Sideways," which got great press and viewer word of mouth in the States. I imagine Korean audiences will be fascinated by the Korean actress. She was already written up in some Korean rags.

It's been nice to enjoy this much freedom, but it's all ending on Monday when I begin the hellish training process at CDI. I'm looking into a "Junior R&D" position with them as well; it wouldn't involve any teaching, but might be more up my alley.

Hope you enjoyed the previous photo essay. I missed a few teachers in my photo spree: Robert (another Canuck), Matt (yet another Canuck! they're everywhere!), and Joe, a Korean who lived in Hawaii for a few years and who is now, for all intents and purposes, Hawaiian. If I can get other folks to email pics of them, I will. If not, you have to imagine them.

Oh, yeah-- forgot to mention that I spent a couple hours strolling through the COEX Aquarium today, sort of a return to childhood, back when I wanted to be a marine biologist. My favorite exhibit at aquariums is usually the octopus tank; today, I was disappointed to see that the only octopus was in a smallish tank (about a meter on a side) in a remote corner across from some restrooms. It was a huge-ass octopus, though, sitting there contentedly in meditative posture, just breathing. I stared and stared. Molluscs fascinate me, probably because they seem so alien, and I can relate to aliens. No food-like thoughts crossed my mind, though I was definitely thinking about shark steaks and turtle soup when I was passing through the glass underwater tunnel. The aquarium tour costs a lot-- W14,500, to be exact, which is pretty steep for the little you get. But it was a nice way to spend some time while I wait to go see "Sideways."


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