Saturday, March 05, 2005

not that you're interested, but...

Here's a further look inside my dilapidated digs.

apartment front door
Above: Looking out from the main room, toward my place's front door. The front door leads to a kind of anteroom.

See here:

Anteroom, looking slightly left.

Anteroom, looking slightly right.

Let's duck back inside and see more of the kitchen/bathroom area, yes?

Standing right at the spot where the main room, kitchen, and front door meet, and looking kitchenward:

kitchen and bathroom

You get a glimpse of where the bathroom is in relation to the kitchen. I'd previously estimated my dwelling's size at around 8 p'yeong, but I think it's closer to only 6.

A longing look toward the open bathroom door:

laundry room, sort of

A demon's-eye view from over the fridge:

demon's-eye view

Looking kitchenward while standing by the bathroom:


This place has three residences, as noted before. We've even got a tiny courtyard of sorts:


And now, looking toward the house (I couldn't capture the whole thing):

hovel exterior
Steps up to the main house (where my Adjoshi & family used to live), plus a look at the front door leading to the two lower-floor dwellings.

The next pic is my residence as seen from the outside. Ignore the graffiti. Photoshop, you know.

hovel exterior


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