Tuesday, March 08, 2005

pay me, dammit: update 2

I really, really shouldn't do this, but I'm going to publish the email I just got from the lady who hasn't paid me. After previously insisting that she'd paid me last week, she now writes:

So sorry for my being mistaken.

Actually I went to an ATM and tried to send you, but then I remember there was an error. Because I had kept in my mind that I must send you the fee, I firmly(?) believed that I did it, but I checked my bank note, and, to my surprise and shame, there is no record on the note, which reminded me that I failed.

Very, very sorry for causing you inconvenience, and I will go to the bank tomorrow morning.

Apologize again.


Oh, that's rich. This woman's in her 50s, by the way. I got the impression I was reading a 50-something's version of, "Uh... the dog ate my homework." Well, I'm sending her a friendly, indulgent email in reply. This has been more amusing than anything.

Hey, wait-- maybe she saw that pic of Sperwer and got scared. Thanks, man. How's it feel to know you're frightening old ladies?

I expect Sperwer to reply: "Pretty damn good."

Buddhism's not a religion
of remorse, guilt, and contrition
it says this, too shall pass--
and pay, or I'll frag your ass

Oh, wait-- that might be Christianity. Heh.


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