Wednesday, September 26, 2018

2 from Ryan George

Ryan George, the writer-comedian working for Screen Rant and doing those "Pitch Meeting" gag videos, is branching out into other forms of solipsistic YouTube quick-sketch comedy. I like this one about vacation, in which Ryan plays several roles, including those of Frenchmen who actually speak in rapidfire French:

When I heard Ryan's accent (his French is perfectly fluent), I thought to myself, "OK, with that accent, this guy's obviously a Québecois, probably from a big city like Quebec or Montreal, given the clarity of his French." Out of monkey curiosity, I visited Ryan's personal website and found out he lives in Montreal. While that doesn't make him a cradle montréalais, it's enough to confirm my suspicion that his French is big-city Quebecker French.

I also got a few laughs from Ryan's "If Cats Were Able to Talk" video:

Listening-comp exercise for those who want to practice their French skills: listen to what Ryan says in French, over and over if necessary, then write the transcript of what he says—yes, the transcript, not the translation—in the comments to this post. You're gonna have to learn a few alt-key codes for typing accents, I think. I'll start you off: the "e" with acute accent (é) is ALT+0233; the "e" with grave accent (è) is ALT+0232. More here.

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