Friday, September 28, 2018

a visit to Owl Cutlet

Yet another coworker is leaving us: the young Korean lady who has worked at our office as a graphic designer for the better part of a year has very suddenly been reassigned to another department. Saturday is her final day in R&D, then she'll be at a different building (the old Mido Building where I used to work) come Monday. Since most of us won't see her on Saturday (I'll be at the office tomorrow, but no one else in R&D will be), we had a small goodbye lunch today, walking about a kilometer over to a place called Owl Cutlet in English and Bueongi Donggaseu (부엉이 돈까스) in Korean. I ordered some sort of cream-sauce dish after briefly considering, and rejecting, the "volcano donggaseu" option, which is apparently fiery hot. Photo above.

So now we'll be down to three, including our current temporary supervisor. This puts us R&Ders right back where we started before last July: one supervisor and two underlings. I heard a rumor that the current R&D room is to be stocked with Korean staffers from other departments so as not to waste all the empty space (we have room for eleven, plus four native-speaker English teachers). By Christmas, this office is going to look and feel very different.


Charles said...

I never knew they made cutlets out of owls.

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, we were joking about that as we walked toward the place.

Neil Barker said...

Never take cutlets for granted! I have yet to find a decent one here in Canada other than the ones my wife makes on occasion. I miss the 허수아비돈까스 chain - they were always solid. Excellent portion size!