Thursday, September 06, 2018

Styx on that NYT op-ed piece

Styx has an opinion about the New York Times op-ed piece that I talked about in a previous post. During his spiel, he hilariously (and facetiously) suggests that Donald Trump himself may have written the piece just as a lark. This, friends, caused me to laugh to the point of tears and snot. Best laugh I've had in a while. I'm trying to imagine a man so rich and so pampered that he's already become bored with being president, so he sits down at his laptop and bangs out a piece in which he basically says There are forces arrayed against the president inside his own administration. And he says this just to fuck with everybody! Hilarious!

Once I stopped laughing, I realized that Trump isn't nearly articulate enough to write that coherently, but I suppose he could have called in his speech doctors to pretty up the prose.

As for whether Styx is right that we should be alarmed, my take is this: if we assume the substance of the op-ed is true, then it's really not a surprising revelation, not after all the observed machinations of the Democrats and all the talk—some of it wild-eyed—about the "deep state." If we assume the substance of the op-ed is false—and the op-ed itself gives us some reasons to believe it false—then things will go on as usual, and since the status quo already includes forces arrayed against Trump, then... same shit, different day. And as I noted earlier, if the op-ed truly was written by a malicious agent inside the administration, it makes little sense for the agent to out himself in this manner. Why give away the game? I'll agree with Styx that something is definitely fishy about all this.

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